Posted by Jemma Breban on 19th December 2011

When there are dependent children in a relationship, a “Statement of Arrangements” is completed by the person filing the divorce petition (Petitioner), setting out the arrangements proposed for the children.

A statement of arrangements outlines:

  • Who the children are.
  • Their details.
  • Where they live (i.e who has custody/residence).
  • What facilities that accommodation has.
  • Their education details – schools, colleges attended (including special needs and any fees that are paid.)

The Petitioner also has to state what arrangements have been agreed for day to day care of the children, care over holidays, any child maintenance received, whether contact exists between the children and the Respondent, and if so when and how. Details of the children’s health are also required and whether they have ever been involved in proceedings before.

These forms will all be signed by the Petitioner and then sent to the court to be served to the Respondent. If both parties agree and sign the Statement of Arrangements, questions involving the children rarely become an issue.

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