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Posted by Donna Hart on 15th May 2018
Mental Health Awareness Week

14th to 20th May is mental health awareness week 2018.

At The Family Law Company we are aware of the effects that stress/poor mental health can have on people. As family law specialists we often deal with clients who are going through very difficult times and we do our best to support them through what is a stressful process.

We strive to have good working relationships with other experts, such as councillors and charities working with victims of domestic abuse who can assist us in supporting our clients through these difficult times.

In turn, we support our own employees who frequently deal with cases that are complex and where many clients are vulnerable and going through crisis.

We have an open-door policy so all staff feel able to speak to one another regarding any difficulties that they may have with any of their cases. And we also recognise that everyone has their own lives outside of work that can involve elements of stress that impact on work life.

As a Director of the company, I founded the Wellbeing Group at The Family Law Company to engender a supportive culture that promotes wellbeing. The idea of the group is to make people feel more comfortable talking about mental health and to make the work environment a positive place to be – despite the difficult work we often do.

We look at both physical and mental health in the workplace and run numerous events that look at the team’s wellbeing. We also offer a benefit system that enables our staff to receive complimentary health care such as homeopathy and reflexology. Everyone in our team knows that they have a part to play in making the workplace a positive one, but that positivity can only come about if our leaders promote openness about health. That’s why it is important for all Directors and team leaders to be engaged in the Wellbeing programme.

I am running a coffee morning in the office this week where pastries will be provided, so the staff can take a break and discuss ideas in which colleagues can support each other and how we all can do our best to stay physically and mentally well.

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