Posted by Jemma Breban on 10th November 2014

An infographic put together by legal researchers in the USA has painted a fascinating picture of divorce in the country.

While the statistics are unique to the USA it’s possible that UK figures could be similar – and it would be intriguing to see the same set of statistics compiled for this country and presented in this format.

The infographic shows how almost 50 per cent of American marriages end in divorce, with a divorce taking place, on average, every 13 seconds.

It also shows American married couples experience similar issues to UK couples, with poor communication, finances, abuse, infidelity and a lack of attraction to one another listed as the five main reasons for getting a divorce.

The statistics also show American’s don’t seem to learn from their mistakes in love, as American’s experiencing their first marriage are less likely to divorce than people who’ve been married previously. Just 41 per cent of first marriages end in divorce in the states, while the percentages for second and third marriages are 60 and 73 per cent respectively.

The fascinating infographic also details how people in certain professions are most likely to divorce, and which are least likely.

Take a look below and if it throws up any questions then get in touch with our family law experts in Exeter and Plymouth.

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