Posted by Rebecca Palmer on 11th April 2019

Each month we are featuring one of our solicitors or chartered executives. We feel strongly that our clients should be matched with the right lawyer, so this is one way of finding out a little more about our team.

Our lawyer of the month is Rebecca Palmer. Rebecca is based at our Exeter office.

Q&A – Ten Questions

  1. What is your job title?

Associate Solicitor

  1. How long have you been at The Family Law Company?

Approximately three and a half years.

  1. How did you come to be at TFLC?

I was working for a firm in Somerset and felt like I needed a change. I saw the job with TFLC advertised and applied. Within a week I was offered the job. Accepting it was the best decision I have made.

  1. What inspired you to go into family law?

I have always been a conscientious person, which is an essential skill in family law. Whilst practicing family law during my training contact, I felt everything clicked. Helping people in this way just felt right and I realised it was the area I needed to be practicing in.

  1. Describe your specialism/s

I am generally an all-rounder in that I help with divorce and finance, children matters and injunctions. I love all aspects of these areas of family law and can offer help and expertise in all of them.

  1. What would you say are your key strengths as a family lawyer?

I am a very conscientious and caring person. I always look out for my clients to ensure they get the best service and assistance during what can be a very difficult time. I am always there to listen and help when needed (even when this sometimes requires emailing in the evenings and at weekends!).

  1. What is the achievement you are most proud of in your job?

I am most proud of the work I carried out on one of my most difficult cases. The client had been victim to horrific emotional and psychological abuse. We were able to successfully obtain an order preventing the father from having contact with our client indefinitely and another order to terminate his parental responsibility, which in England and Wales is a very rare occurrence.

  1. Why do you think TFLC is different from other family lawyers?

At TFLC we have so many different people with different specialisms that our clients are able to have access to exactly the help they need. Whatever our level of experience, we are all regular people who love to do what we do and help clients. Everyone works together as a team and we can always rely on our team to provide help and assistance when needed, which in turn benefits the client.

9. Are there any related volunteering roles you undertake?

Not at the moment.

10. What do you do to relax?

Having just returned from maternity leave between working and being a mum to my 11 month-old leaves little time to relax! When I am not working, I really enjoy spending time with my family. I am also an avid netball player, and I play at the weekend. I am also associated with the Vagabonds Carnival Club in Bridgwater – I am the catering manager so I spend a lot of my spare time catering for events such as weddings and birthdays.



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