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Posted by familylaw on 20th March 2012

Yesterday the BBC children’s channel, CBBC, screened a Newsround special “Behind Closed Doors”, which explored the rarely talked about issue of children witnessing domestic violence.

Alesha Dixon told her story to Newsround along with children who have experienced it first-hand themselves.

Family lawyer and domestic abuse specialist, Alexandra Boardman, watched the programme and comments below:

What a fantastic way to explain to children and young adults that is ok to want to feel safe at home, to show how to talk about this issue and know who to turn to. The programme raised the issue in a direct but gentle way without sensationalising or stereo-typing family circumstances. The use of graphics should appeal to a younger audience starting the awareness raising sooner.

It is however important to remember that any child who takes the step of asking for help could be putting themselves and their parent at risk of further harm.

I was pleased to see that the programme highlighted that both parents need help – the abused and abuser. It was also refreshing that there was a feel good ending with a child stating that they were able to have good contact with the person who was the portrayed abuser after that person has recognised their behaviour and changed it.

It is important that we raise hope by addressing these issues and that with the right support, the appropriate changes having taken place, that children and their parents can be reunited in a safe way.”

To watch “Behind Closed Doors” click here.

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