Posted by familylaw on 12th December 2014

Scot Young Tycoon Bankrupt Divorce Rich And Famous Family law ExpertA property tycoon who was at the centre of an acrimonious and high profile divorce case has been found dead near his London flat.

Businessman Scot Young, 52, died on Monday, December 8 after apparently falling 60ft from the balcony of his London penthouse.

Mr Young had recently been through a protracted legal battle with his ex-wife Michelle, 49, over the terms of their separation.

That case saw him ordered to pay £25m to his ex-wife and he was jailed in 2013 after a judge ruled he had failed to disclose his assets to the court during the case.

We wrote about the case earlier this year in a round-up of prominent divorce cases dealt with by the UK’s family courts.

The case reminds us that while it is true courts have substantial powers to deal with anyone who demonstrate contempt for it, it is most often easiest to resolve differences amicably and in a fair and reasonable manner without resorting to court.

While talking about the piece we also discussed how separating parties may well be better off exploring alternative means of settling their financial arrangements, such as using mediation with our solicitors in Exeter and Plymouth.

We felt the case showed how the court system can be a blunt, expensive and occasionally ineffective way of settling financial arrangements following a divorce.

This final point has now been underlined in tragic circumstances.

With Scotland Yard not treating Mr Young’s death as suspicious it seems the business man may have chosen to take his own life. While it is not for us to speculate as to whether this is true, or if it is whether his decision is because of the circumstances surrounding his recent divorce, but it does appear to paint a picture of a man who was desperately unhappy following a bitter separation.


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