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Posted by Donna Hart on 23rd October 2016
Rise in over 50’s Divorce

Much has been made in the news recently of the rise in over 50’s leading to divorce.  According to National Statistics divorce in this age category has risen whilst it has fallen across the rest of the population.

Divorce is difficult in any age group but it can be particularly difficult for those over 50.

Many people in this age bracket who come to see us for divorce may not have anticipated having to go through such a stressful event at this time of their lives. They may have lived in their home for a number of years any envisaged it continuing to be the family home for their adult children and grandchildren. There may be one party who has worked during the marriage and the other may be concerned about income and losing pension benefits.  If suffering with ill health they may be concerned about the toll that divorce may take.

There have been numerous articles stating the reasons as to why people over 50 are now the fastest growing rate of divorces in the UK but whatever the reasons behind the separation they too, like all people going through a divorce, will need support and looking after.

Some people have stated that it is very difficult when they have spent such a large part of their life with somebody only to be looking at living the last chapter of their life without them and starting all over again as a single person. This can be incredibly daunting.

Adult children may find divorce in their parents difficult to accept and become more involved .in any potential disputes as they are likely to be concerned about their parent who has not wanted the marriage to end.

Data released by marriage guidance experts relate reveals that those born between 1946 and 1964 will be the first generation for whom living alone in old age may be the norm because of the new rising divorce rate.  This may place additional burdens on adult children who may also have a family of their own.

Here at The Family Law Company we understand the emotional roller-coaster of a divorce and understand the wider issues that may be involved when divorcing at this age. We also understand people can find it daunting coming to see a solicitor particularly to talk about such personal issues but our discrete offices have a warm and welcoming reception and we can assure you that you will be treated with respect and dignity and in confidence.


If you need to discuss your own situation, call 01392 421777 to talk to a family lawyer at The Family Law Company.

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