Featured Lawyer of the Month

11th December 2018

Each month we are featuring one of our solicitors or chartered executives. We feel strongly that our clients should be […]

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Speaking your language

21st November 2018

Legal speak is difficult at the best of times to understand, although The Family Law Company works hard to make […]

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Winter wellness

19th November 2018

With the clocks going back and the evenings becoming dark much earlier, many people struggle to cope with this change […]

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Trustees Week

12th November 2018

Trustees Week is marked this year from November 12th to 16th. Trustees’ Week is an annual event to showcase the […]

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Stress Awareness Day

7th November 2018

7th November is International Stress Awareness Day. At The Family Law Company, we recognise that stress can have a big […]

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Hannah and Holly Moving on Up

5th November 2018

The Family Law Company is delighted to announce that Solicitor Hannah Porter has been appointed as Co-Chair of the Devon […]

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Sir Andrew MacFarlane

2nd November 2018

To conclude Justice Week, Carrie Laws discusses the comment made by Sir Andrew MacFarlane that “…legal aid lawyers are the […]

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The Family Law society accreditation in Advanced Family lawImage of The Law Society Accreditation of Children Law.
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