Posted by familylaw on 9th August 2023
Sophie’s story – They invested in my training to help me achieve goals that I never thought were ever in reach.

From the very early stage of university success was defined as a role in a London commercial firm but I realised that wasn’t the only path for finding a rewarding legal career.

As a graduate, I was always told that the norm was going to work in a commercial law firm, based in London, practicing within the corporate world.  During the early stages of university that was how I defined success.

Now I define success as working in an environment where people truly care about your career progression and long-term goals, where time and energy is invested into you as an individual, and an environment which fosters a culture of kindness, support and warmth. This is synonymous with The Family Law Company.

When I started one year ago, I had little experience in Family Law. However, from working at The Family Law Company for just one year, I am now able to have a material impact upon the outcome of our client’s cases. I assist in the running of cases from start to finish and provide our clients with advice and support through a very difficult time. The Family Law Company invested in my training to help me achieve goals that I never thought were ever in reach.

Since starting the role last year it has been incredibly challenging. The support of my colleagues, regardless of their role or level within the company, I have never felt as though I have to face these alone. A genuine open-door policy exists.

There is never a boring day working at The Family Law Company and I am so excited to see what the future holds for my legal career.

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