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Posted by Caroline Hooper on 29th April 2021

An Organisation, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it (HOCK 1996)

What do I love about the Family Law Company?  Now of course this is a matter of opinion but I feel I have been working for a law firm whose values have always remained the same since it was founded in 1991.  Despite being a growing business the same behaviour/ethos has always ran through its veins.  I was not aware of the term organisation behaviour until I was doing some research and it was then I realised that the Family Law Company has followed this ethos wholeheartedly.

So what is organisational behaviour and why is it important?

Organisational behaviour in a nutshell seeks to understand how employees act and react at work and how their thought processes impact many aspects of their behaviours.

I believe an organisation no matter how well it is designed is only as good as the people who live and work in it.  A good example is the company ‘Google’ they hire employees that have good communication skills, leadership skills and know how to handle the situation creatively and calmly.  They invest in employees that will give them good rate of interest in the future. This all shows that the organisation is not only built but is developed and recognised with the people, the employees working in it and trying to give their best for the good of that organisation.  The best the people give, the more the organisation builds.  If an organisation allows a poor culture or toxic environment to develop, it doesn’t matter how great their people are the organisation is less likely to be successful.  The Family Law Company has an equal balance of both.  The board set an example and lead from the top.

“The Sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless. If you’re willing to learn, grow and invest your time then they will do this with you. Offering training contracts and apprenticeships to expand your qualities into different areas just as I have with my love for marketing and wellbeing.  Everyone has something to give and at the Family Law Company they recognise these quickly.

Looking back what job did you like and dislike?

My answer quickly came to mind, I had a job I absolutely hated, it made me dread to go into the office, and the culture was very negative. The boss was to be feared and you could very easily become the scape goat for his/her mistakes.  I literally couldn’t wait to leave.

Compare this to my role at the Family Law Company. I truly feel that they’ve understood my strengths, given me space to work on my weakness’s and invested in the person that I have become today.  They invested in me and in turn I am really invested in helping them grow.

Which job do you love? Which job did you hate?

It may be tempting to go for a job with a high salary, or the convenience of a swanky location, but I believe finding a company that allows you to strive to learn, pushes your boundaries and recognises you as an individual will give you a lot more in life. The most important one for me is happiness at work no salary can compare to this. Personal growth and strength comes because you are happy in what you do.

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