Posted by Amy Langford on 2nd March 2020

Associate Solicitor Amy Langford from The Family Law Company looks at ways to make breaking up a little less painful.

January’s infamous ‘Divorce Day’ has officially passed. Of course, this doesn’t mean people will be free from relationship breakdown for the rest of the year – it can happen at any time. This is often a time of hurt and stress but if the right approach is taken, it does not have to be as negative and difficult as one may think. The breakdown of a relationship can actually go smoothly if handled with consideration.

Things you can do to help

Things to avoid

Going through relationship breakdown can be difficult but the correct legal advice prevents unnecessary stress and worry. Having a family law specialist to assist you will ensure that any matters that ought to be dealt with alongside your relationship breakdown do not go unnoticed or forgotten. At The Family Law Company, we always try to take a calm approach to any matter and avoid an unnecessarily adversarial approach whenever possible.

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