Posted by Jemma Breban on 19th December 2011

The break up of a relationship can be a difficult time for everyone and children often struggle to come to terms with changes within the family.

Whether you see your children for half the week, at weekends or for just a few hours, it’s important to make them your number one priority and to be the best father you can. To help, we have put together a few points for you to consider.

Spending quality time together

Since you may be seeing your children less often, it is important to make sure that you have quality time together. You don’t have to organise lavish treats, but you do need to take steps to ensure you really make the most of your time. Below are a few hints to make visits a good experience for all of you.

The best things in life are free…

If finances are a problem, some of the best activities cost very little. You can spend the afternoon in the kitchen making a pizza, run round the park with a ball, read together, do some painting or just go for a walk. The important thing is that you are spending time together.

Establish routines

Overnight visits are the perfect opportunity to establish your own special routines. Why not decorate the bedroom your children will be staying in and let them choose their own duvet covers and put up favourite posters. Serve their favourite meal and for younger children bedtime stories are a good way to connect.

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