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Legal Aid Calculator

Legal aid buttonThe legal aid calculator allows you to find out if you can receive legal aid for your divorce, separation or family dispute.

What does the Legal Aid Calculator do?


  • The calculator will ask questions about your situation and finances. It is completely confidential and anonymous - none of the information is stored or saved anywhere.
  • It will take approximately five minutes to complete the calculator.
  • It will ask for some information on your income and savings, so you'll need some documents to hand.
  • The calculator cannot guarantee you'll get legal aid, as it only checks your financial circumstances. It can only act as a guide. Other tests also apply. In certain circumstances, the Legal Services Commission have a discretion when granting or refusing a legal aid application.
  • At the end you can print out the results for your own records.

The calculator's results do not guarantee that you will receive legal aid but will act as a guide.

Please Note: You should not use this calculator if you or your partner have complex financial circumstances.

To get the most accurate results you may need to have certain personal documents to hand. If you receive benefits from the National Asylum Support Service (NASS), special rules may apply to you. To find out if they do, you should contact us on 01392 421777.

Click here to access the Legal Aid Calculator.